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FAQ | Different Vastgoed


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you work with waiting lists or points systems? 

Different Vastgoed does not work with waiting lists or points systems.

2. What does it cost to register with Different Vastgoed

Registration is free.

3. Is registration required

A subscription is required to make use of our services. You give your wishes at a registration and we compare it with the new housing. We'll keep you updated by email. Of course you can also view the properties on the website and contact us.

4. Can I visit in the evenings and / or weekends? 

That is certainly possible. Viewing of a rental property is always scheduled at a time that suits you. In consultation with the broker of Different Vastgoed, you can also schedule your appointment in the evenings or on weekends.

5. What happens if multiple people want to rent the same property? 

If there are multiple candidates, it is up to the owner to make the selection. The owner also looks at the delivered antecedents.

6. I'm self-employed, can I rent at Different Vastgoed? 

You can. Just like in a salaried position Different Vastgoed must handover the owner good and proper income details. In case of independence is the providing insight into a profit and loss account sufficient.

7. Is a for-and final inspection required? 

It is for you as a tenant to carry out the inspections to avoid any misunderstanding. On the basis of the results of the inspection the living space will be completed and the refundable deposit will be handled.

8. How is the rental rate built on the website? 

The rental rates stated are excluding gas, water, electricity, cable, internet, phone, service charges (if applicable) and local taxes / fees (such as waste charges, sewer, water tax).

9. What is the difference between upholstered and furnished?

Upholstered is equipped with window and carpeted floors. Furnished is fully equipped with furniture.

10. I would like to visit a home. What should I do now? 

Subscribe through the registration form. Then, you can sign up through our website at the property for a viewing. We make decisions based on your registration and contact you to make an appointment for a viewing.

11. What is a temporary rental period? 

This means that you enter into a temporary contract with a start and end date. On the end date you leave the house. The rental period is usually between three months and one to two years. Different Realty merely mediates in temporary living space.

12. What data does Different Vastgoed needs from me when renting a property? 

  • a copy of your passport or identity card.
  • a recent pay slip, recent employer's statement, recent bank statement vv salary crediting or an audit opinion.

If the apartment is rented by the company, we need the necessary registration of the Chamber of Commerce and data of the legal representative.

13. Should I pay a deposit and if so, when do I get it back? 

You pay a deposit the size of one month's rent at the start of the rental period. This deposit will be refunded to the owner, and within one month after the final inspection will be considered successful after the rental period will be refunded to the account you specify.

14. Do I have to register myself with suppliers of gas, water and electricity

Unless otherwise agreed in the rental agreement, you need to sign in to the start of the rental period. Different Vastgoed lists the meter readings on the inspection report.

15. I rent a house that is for sale. Do I have to participate in viewings

Yes. The broker will notify at least 24 hours in advance of a visit and is usually in the possession of a key. You don't have to be present.

16. There must be something repaired in my house. Who should I approach? 

In the lease, you will find the name and telephone number of the administrator of your home. He or she is your first point of contact.

17. Do I have to carry out maintenance on the garden? 

Yes, you not only hire the house but also the garden. This needs to stay in its current state in which the whole was accepted. This is recorded in the inspection report that is put up at the start of the rental period.

18. I want to cancel my current contract. What should I do?

Depending on the recorded provisions in the rental agreement, you can unsubscribe by registered mail to the landlord and a write to Different Vastgoed. Please consult your rental agreement.