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Rent a house

Different Vastgoed is a company with many advantages. One is that you pay no fee for the services offered by our objects. We are there for you and all of your questions in the area of hiring.

Specialist in hiring

If you can’t find an object within its own supply of Different Vastgoed, we like to offer a helping hand as rental specialist. Different Vastgoed has an extensive network in which we work with various brokers, agents and mediators.

Different Vastgoed has access to all customer files and select according to your criteria. We have the required knowledge of the local market, negotiating sharp and focused on the customer. We accompany you from the first contact, finding the living, preparation of the lease, the preliminary and final inspection and also during the (re) rental period.

What is the cost of renting a House?

Different Vastgoed works differently than what is common in the industry. When Different Properties on behalf of a property offering beyond its portfolio, the brokerage is one month rent + 21% VAT.

We have a number of required data and information needed for the preparation of a lease:

  • copy of passport or ID proof tenant (s) and residents;
  • provide insight into personal situation;
  • reference check former landlords;
  • copy of employment contract or employer's statement of income data;
  • recent payslip and recent bank statement vv salary crediting;
  • credit check credit worthiness of the prospective tenant (s).

If you are self-employed, we ask you, Instead of a pay slip, a copy of the most recent tax income and a copy of the tax auditor’s to consult.

With an employer, we ask you to provide the following documents to:

  •  extract from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than six months);
  • Copy of passport of the authorized signatory on behalf of the company;
  • copy of the employee's passport and occupant (s);


At the conclusion of a lease, it is common that a deposit is submitted. The deposit is required to secure the event that damage to the object. For furnished and unfurnished housing the guarantee is an average of one month rent. Sometimes a higher deposit may be required.

On agreement between you and the tenant

Once the contract is signed and the required documents are complete and accurate, the lease can be signed by both parties. Upon receipt of the rent and deposit to the bank account of the landlord regarding key collection will occur. An inspection report drawn up stating: the condition of the leased premises, the meter recorded and any agreements made between the parties involved.

After the key collection you can always contact the manager or landlord for all matters relating to the use of the dwelling.